Episode 295: Seven Doubts About Cookbook Publishing That Might Be Holding You Back

Episode 295: Seven Doubts About Cookbook Publishing That Might Be Holding You Back

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the podcast. When working with people who want to write a cookbook, I hear many about cookbook writers’ doubts. Doubt means you don’t believe cookbook publishing is possible for you for various reasons. Today on the podcast, I want to discuss cookbook writers’ most common doubts and how to turn the doubt into a statement that you can work on believing to help you move forward with your cookbook project. 

Before we start, do you want to master cookbook publishing and secure an agent or publisher you love? I know there are many of you out there who are like this. I’ve talked to and coached you, and I suspect many are listening to you feel this way. So, suppose you’d like to learn how to secure an agent or publisher for your cookbook project. In that case, I invite you to an upcoming free webinar I’m teaching on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, called: Master Cookbook Publishing: Secure Your Dream Agent or Publisher. In this class, I will talk all about the five main steps in the cookbook publishing process, four qualities of cookbook writers that agents and publishers love, and three myths about the cost of writing a cookbook that we need to squash so that you can move forward with your project. I’d love for you to join me so head on over to www.cookbookwritersacademy.com/free and register for this free class today. 

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Master Cookbook Publishing: Secure Your Dream Agent or Publisher

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