Episode 258: I Don’t Have Any Direction In the Publishing Industry or Accountability: Summer Roadblock Series #4

Episode 258: I Don’t Have Any Direction In the Publishing Industry or Accountability: Summer Roadblock Series #4

Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast. Today I continue our Summer Roadblock series with obstacle #4, I Don’t Have Any Direction In the Publishing Industry or Accountability.

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Today on the podcast, I focus on direction for cookbook writers: what should you be doing in this self-led endeavor? Then I talk about the publishing industry and how you can use your timeline and your publishing goals to set the direction for your publishing project. Lastly, I talk about accountability available through coaching programs or building in self-accountability.

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Things We Mention In This Episode:

Join the August 2023 class for Cookbooks on KDP before doors close August 18, 2023

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